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Title Beauty and How to Keep It, by a Professional Beauty
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1889
Document Type Pamphlet
Library/Archive Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Reference 17502. f.1
Publisher Brentano's
Place of Publication London
Topics beauty, the body, femininity, appearance, advice for women, The Skin (pp7-17){image number 4}, recipes for skin lotion (pp9-10){image number 5}, soap (pp12-13){image number 7}, Painting the Face, cosmetics, make-up (pp18-20){image number 10}, The Eyes and Eyebrows (pp20-22){image number 11}, The Nose (pp23-24){image number 12}, Wrinkles (pp25-26){image number 13}, recipe for wrinkle lotion (p26){image number 14}, Excessive Perspiration of the Hands (pp27-28){image number 14}, The Hands and Nails (pp28-29){image number 15}, The Fingernails (pp30-31){image number 16}, Chilblains (pp31-32){image number 16}, Freckles (pp32-33){image number 17}, The Teeth (pp33-36){image number 17}, recipes for tooth powder and mouth wash (p35){image number 18}, The Hair (pp36-38){image number 19}, Dyeing the Hair (pp39-40){image number 20}, False Hair (pp40-41){image number 21}, The Feet (pp42-43){image number 22}, Corns (p44){image number 23}, The Figure (pp44-45){image number 23}, Superfluous Hairs (p46){image number 24}, How to Get Thin, diet, eating (pp47-49){image number 24}, How to get Fat, food, eating (pp49-50){image number 25}, Face Powers and Perfumes (p51){image number 26}, Perfumes (pp52-53){image number 27}, Perfumed Sachets (pp53-54){image number 27}, Toilet Soaps (pp54-55{image number 28}), recipes for soaps (pp54-55){image number 28}, Dress (pp56-58),{image number 29} Underwear (pp59-60){image number 30}, How to Keep One's Looks and Freshness (pp61-63){image number 31}
Copyright Bodleian Library, University of Oxford