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Title Cookery and Medical Receipts from the University of Hull. Publications relative to the Treatment of Cholera.
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1665-1832
Document Type Pamphlet
Library/Archive Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Names Dr Wiiliam Russell (images 3; 19; 22){image number 3}; Dr D. Barry (images 3; 22){image number 3}; Louis Phillipe (image 4){image number 4}; Dr Henry Halford (images 5; 18; 23){image number 5}; Sir Gilbert Blane (image 7){image number 7}; George IV; Dr B. Hawkins (image 7){image number 7}; Lord Chancellor Clarendon (image 8){image number 8}; Lord Holland (image 16){image number 16}; Princess Victoria (image 16){image number 16}; Mary Shelley (image 20){image number 20}; Byron (image 20){image number 20}; W. S. Bathhurst (image 22){image number 22}; W.Pym (image 29-32){image number 29}
Places West Indies (image 7){image number 7}; United States of America (USA) (image7){image number 7}; Asia; India; Calcutta (images 10-11){image number 10}; Europe; England; London; Covent Garden; Drury Lane (image 6){image number 6}; Austria; Vienna (image 20){image number 20}; Germany; Hamburg (image 21){image number 21}
Topics newspaper extracts, health, medicine, illness, disease, plague, smallpox (image12){image number 12}, measles (image12){image number 12}, yellow fever (image12){image number 12}, Russian cavalry (image 16){image number 16}, receipt for cholera (images 24-26){image number 24}
Copyright Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull