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Title Cookery and Medical Receipts
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1777-1813
Document Type Manuscript
Library/Archive Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Reference DDHO/19/2
Names Duke of Norfolk (p9){image number 8}; Mrs Capper (pp10; 84){image number 9}; Mrs Palmer (pp13; 21; 24; 31){image number 10}; Mrs Mease (p16){image number 12}; Mrs Parvis (p29){image number 18}; Lady Knowles (p41){image number 24}; Mr Yewd (p43){image number 25}; Mrs Dobbs (pp48-49; 68){image number 28}; Mr Nichols (p52){image number 30}; Mrs Hawnton (p54){image number 31}; Mrs Staunton (p56){image number 32}; Mars Carter (p60){image number 34}; Dr Ancaster (p64){image number 36}; Mrs Evans (p75){image number 44}; Mrs Littlehales (p76){image number 45}; Mrs Adams (p76){image number 45}; Dr Warren (p88){image number 52}; Mr Hill (p120){image number 66}
Places Germany
Topics medical receipts, culinary receipts, recipes, food, cookery, drink, alcohol, medicine, remedies, health, macaroni (p1){image number 4}, gingerbread (pp1, 48){image number 4}, liston buns (p2){image number 5}, blancmange (pp2, 24, 73-74){image number 5}, cream cheese (pp3, 55, 64, 93){image number 5}, pickling hams (pp3-4){image number 5} preserving oranges (p4){image number 6}, lemon pickle (pp5-7){image number 6}, veal (p7), raisin wine (p8){image number 8}, beef a la mode (p8){image number 8}, Duke of Norfolk punch (p9){image number 8}, stewing carp (p10){image number 9} stewing Pippins (p11){image number 9}, plumb cake (pp11-12, 25-26){image number 9}, sugar jumbles (p13){image number 10}, preserves, preserving apricots (pp13, 27){image number 10}, Spring biscuits (p14){image number 11}, peaches with brandy (p15){image number 11}, raspberry brandy (p16){image number 12}, making a tansey (pp16-17){image number 12}, lemon cream (p17){image number 12}, orange pudding (pp18, 38-39){image number 13}, ragout a breast of veal (pp18-19){image number 13}, stewed cucumber (p19){image number 13}, calf's head (pp20, 66-67){image number 14}, cheesecake (pp21, 68){image number 14}, orange biscuits (p22){image number 15}, veal olives (pp22-23){image number 15}, oyster loaves (pp23-24){image number 15}, French cutlets (p25){image number 16}, cure for sore throat (p26){image number 17}, soft pomatum (pp28, 34-35, 78){image number 18}, hunter's pudding (p29){image number 18}, orange jelly (pp29-30){image number 18}, oaford pudding (p30){image number 19}, fricapee eggs (p31){image number 19}, fricapee a pig (p31){image number 19}, nectar (pp32-33){image number 20}, dressing for mackerel or whiting (pp35-36){image number 21}, dressing lobsters (p36){image number 22}, Cowslip wine (p37){image number 22}, milk punch (p38){image number 23}, health, cure for bite of a mad dog, rabies (pp39-40, 79-80){image number 23}, eels (pp41-42, 109){image number 24}, eye water (pp43, 99){image number 25}, coughs or consumption (pp43, 75, 129, 129-130, 132, 133){image number 25}, sponge cake (pp43-44){image number 25}, cure for the ague (p45){image number 26}, fever (pp45, 126){image number 26}, brandy cherries (p46){image number 27}, almond paste (pp46-47, 98, 122){image number 27}, pill for bilious disorder, bilious remedies (pp47, 78, 82, 88){image number 27}, compound lime water (pp47-48){image number 27}, draught for a slight fever (p48){image number 28}, lip salve (p49){image number 28}, Sally-Lunn, bread (p50){image number 29}, receipt for jaundice (pp51, 64){image number 29}, oyster catchup (p51){image number 29}, lavice (p52){image number 30}, meringues (p52){image number 30}, tea cream (pp52-53){image number 30}, eggs a la tripe (p54){image number 31}, dye for chintz of muslin (p54){image number 31}, polish (pp55-56, 128){image number 31}, wash for silk stockings (p56){image number 32}, rich cake (p57){image number 32}, custard puddings (pp58, 60-61){image number 33}, India pickle (p59){image number 33}, nun's biscuits (pp61-62){image number 34}, Hoppo's pudding (p63){image number 35}, asthma (pp64, 75-76){image number 36}, German puffs (p65){image number 39}, barley cream (pp65-66){image number 39}, walnut catchup (p67){image number 40}, honeycomb cream (p68){image number 41}, soup (pp70, 93-94,53, 99){image number 42}, beef a la fraise (pp70-71){image number 42}, French beans (p71){image number 42}, lixivium (pp74-75){image number 44}, wormwood draughts (p76){image number 45}, receipt for worms (pp76-77){image number 45}, gooseberry vinegar (p77){image number 45}, bath bunns (pp81-82){image number 47}, pottage (pp83-84){image number 48}, cheese puffs (p84){image number 49}, vermin, receipt to destroy rats and mice (p85){image number 49}, cathartics (pp89, 90, 134){image number 52}, receipt for reviving old writings (p90){image number 53}, raspberry water (pp90-91){image number 53}, essential oils (p91){image number 53}, almonds a la praline (pp91-92){image number 53}, preserving colours (p94){image number 55}, grape wine (p95){image number 55}, neck of veal a la crème (pp95-96){image number 55}, mutton (pp96, 102-103){image number 56}, breakfast biscuits (p102){image number 58}, tonic (103){image number 58}, vinegar (p106){image number 59}, Hampshire hams (p106){image number 59}, bacon (p107){image number 59}, mushrooms powders (p108){image number 60}, sprains (p110){image number 61}, ramekins (pp111-112){image number 61}, meals (p117){image number 64}, honey possatum (p118){image number 65}, gout medicine (pp118-120){image number 65}, milk posset (p121){image number 66}, rheumatism (pp121, 133){image number 66}, milk cakes (p122){image number 67}, for washing (p122){image number 67}, blackberry jam (p123){image number 67}, horse's back (p123){image number 67}, bowels (p123){image number 67}, livelong lozenges (pp124-125){image number 68}, blood (p125){image number 68}, Velmo's vegetable syrup (pp126-128){image number 69}, bruised eye (p129){image number 70}, glue (pp130-131){image number 71}, whitening marbles (p131){image number 71}, Gloucester jelly (p132){image number 72}, colds (p132){image number 72}, camphor (p133){image number 72}, palpitations (p134){image number 73}, fish sauce (pp134-135){image number 73}, puddings (pp14, 18, 29, 30, 38-39, 46, 58, 60-61, 69-70, 72-74, 92, 112-113){image number 11}, cheese (pp3, 55, 58, 59, 64, 93, 97){image number 5}, whooping cough (pp98, 124){image number 57}, preserving strawberries (pp113-114){image number 62}, preserving quince (p114){image number 63}
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