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Title Cookery and Medical Receipts from the University of Hull, 1800s 2
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1800-1899
Document Type Manuscript
Library/Archive Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull
Reference DDHO/19/8
Names Mrs Wood (image 1){image number 1}; Sir Knighton (image 35){image number 35}
Places Cheltenham
Topics medical receipts, culinary receipts, recipes, food, cookery, medicine, remedies, health, domesticity, carbon filter company (image 4){image number 4}, coffee (images 5-6){image number 5}, Cheltenham water bath (image 7){image number 7}, lumbago (image 8){image number 8}, rheumatism (images 10-11, 13, 41-42){image number 10}, gout (images 10-11, 13, 25-27){image number 10}, hair preservative (image 18){image number 18}, puddings (images 19-21, 39){image number 19}, cake (image 22){image number 22}, toothache (image 23){image number 23}, to make cloth waterproof (image 24){image number 24}, mutton or venison pies (image 28){image number 28}, teeth (images 23, 29){image number 23}, biscuits (image 31){image number 31}, meat (images 32-34){image number 32}, artificial musk (image 35){image number 35}, hoping cough (image 35){image number 35}, cough (image 37){image number 37}, cold cream (image 38){image number 38}, sauce (image 43){image number 43}, to cool wine (image 44){image number 44}, preserving (image 46){image number 46}
Copyright Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull