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Title Fashionable London, an Illustrated Journal for Ladies, April, 1892
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date Apr 1892
Document Type Periodical
Library/Archive Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Reference 17503 c.28
Place of Publication London
Names Lady Monckton (p3){image number 4}; Oscar Wilde (p5){image number 5}; Queen Elizabeth (p5){image number 5}; Queen Victoria (pp10; 26){image number 8}; Princess Beatrice (p10){image number 8}; King Humbert (p10){image number 8}; Lady Henry Somerset (p10){image number 8}; Duchess of Teck (p10){image number 8}; Sarah Bernhardt (p10){image number 8}; Prince of Wales (p11){image number 8}; Charles Dickens (p22){image number 20}; Marchioness of Bath (p22){image number 20}; Lady Halle (p24){image number 21}; Miss Balfour (p23){image number 21}; Lord Tennyson (p36){image number 33}; Sir J. E. Millais (p36){image number 33}; George Bernard Shaw (p37){image number 33}; Empress of Russia (p43){image number 36}
Places City of London; Covent Garden (pp9, 27){image number 7}; (p36){image number 33}
Topics journal, periodical, clothes, fashion, appearance, femininity, society, Fashions of the Week (pp2, 18, 34){image number 4}, Advance of Fashion (p2){image number 4}, Descriptions of Illustrations (pp3, 18){image number 4}, Charming Gowns at the Shaftesbury (p3){image number 4}, clothes, fashion, appearance (pp2-3, 6-7, 9, 18, 22, 27, 34){image number 4}, Artistic Embellishment of the Home, home furnishings (pp4, 39){image number 5}, furniture (p4){image number 5}, Latest Development in Leather Art Work (p5){image number 5}, Fashion in Flowers (p5){image number 5}, Queen Elizabeth's Last Days (p5){image number 5}, Hints for the Household, domesticity (p5){image number 5}, The Most Suitable Colours for Blondes & Brunettes (p6){image number 6}, hats (pp6, 34){image number 6}, Dressmaking (p7){image number 6}, Charming Gowns (p9){image number 7}, Society Gossip, gossip column (pp10-11, 26-27, 42){image number 8}, fiction (pp12-13, 28-29, 44-45){image number 9}, Children & their Funny Ways, children (p14){image number 10}, The Royal Horticultural Society (pp15, 19){image number 10}, Art Needlework (p15){image number 10}, Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund (pp16, 26){image number 11}, shopping (pp18, 20, 41){image number 18}, Spring Flower Shows, flowers (p19){image number 18}, marriage, Wedding Presents (p20){image number 19}, Decoration of the Home, home furnishing (p21){image number 19}, Elegancies of Stage Dresses (p22){image number 20}, theatre (p22){image number 20}, Dickens' Writing Desk (p22){image number 20}, Bazaars (p23){image number 20}, visits, Etiquette of Visiting, manners (p23){image number 20}, Fashionable Weddings, marriage (pp24, 48){image number 21}, head-dresses (p24){image number 21}, Novelty in Table Decorations (p24){image number 21}, London Amusements & Fashionable Gatherings (pp14, 32, 43){image number 10}, Sketches at Shanklin & Carisbrook (p34){image number 32}, Sale of Irish Work (p36){image number 33}, Whitechapel Art Exhibition (p36){image number 33}, Playgoers Club (p37){image number 33}, Fuller's American Confectionery (p41){image number 35}, illustrations (pp2, 4, 5, 7-11, 14-17, 19-21, 23, 25, 35, 37, 39, 41, 45){image number 4}, adverts (ppi, ii, iii, iv, between 16 & 17, between 32 & 33, 35, after 48 to end){image number 2}, Londonderry House (p36){image number 33}
Copyright Bodleian Library, University of Oxford