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Title Leaves from Accompt-Books of Francis Kynnesman, Hosier of London
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1690-1703
Document Type Financial Document
Library/Archive British Library
Reference Add Mss 45122
Author (Gender) male
Names Francis Kynnesman; Major Kirke (ff1-1v){image number 2}; Catherine of Braganza Queen Dowager of Charles II (ff3v-4v){image number 6}; King William III (ff5-6; 10;){image number 8}; Queen Mary II (ff6-8){image number 10}; Mrs Pomroy (ff6-8){image number 10} Earl of Albermarle (f10){image number 18}; Rachel, Lady Russell (ff11-13v){image number 20}; Laurence Hyde, 4th Earl of Rochester (f14-15){image number 26}; Elizabeth Russell; Duchess of Bedford (f16){image number 30}; James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, Orman (f17){image number 32}; Mrs Plaxton (f17v){image number 33}; Mrs Mary Evelyn (f18){image number 34}
Places England; City of London; Bloomsbury (f13){image number 24}; St Martins Lane (f17v){image number 33}
Topics account book, dress, clothes, hosier, stockings, trade, manufacture, shopping, prices, cotton, silk, stirrups (ff4, 11, 15, 17-19v){image number 6}, gloves (ff5-5v, 6v-8, 11){image number 8}, petticoat (ff6-9, 11v-12){image number 10}, drawers (ff11-11v){image number 20}, ankle sox (f11){image number 20}, fine thread sox (p15){image number 28}, garters (p16){image number 30}, waistcoat (f19v){image number 37}, goods returned upon death of Queen Mary II (f9){image number 16}, debt (f14){image number 26}
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