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Title Receipts of Elizabeth Digby
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1650
Document Type Manuscript
Library/Archive British Library
Reference MS Egerton 2197
Author (Gender) female
Names Elizabeth Digby; Dr. Burgesse (f2){image number 3}; Dr. Stevens (f2v){image number 4}; Dr. Tristram (ff4;18;18v; 37v;38;38v){image number 5}; Lady Grace Cavendish (ff8v;16;16v){image number 12}; Dr. Hill (f10){image number 13}; F. Grevell (f10v){image number 14}; Jane Firdeswicks (f12v){image number 16}; Decsimaus (f15){image number 18}; Mr. Butler (f17){image number 20}; Dr. Lapworth (ff7;17){image number 20}; Francis Harrison (f17v){image number 21}; William Hastings (ff17v;18){image number 21}; Anne Digby (f18){image number 21}; Miss Poole (f20){image number 23}; Gerrard (f23){image number 26}; Queen Mary (f23v){image number 27}; Mr. Wilson (f25){image number 28}; Cotton (ff28v;29;32){image number 32}; Lady Stafford (f30v){image number 34}; Dr. Bonne (f35){image number 38}; Mrs Lacons (ff39;39v;40){image number 42}; Marbias Lucurellus (ff40v;41){image number 44}
Topics receipt book, medical receipts, health, breasts (ff27,28,28v,32, 33v, 42-43v){image number 31} hair (ff25v,42){image number 45}, mental health (ff25,48){image number 28}, The Plague (ff1v,2,4v,6,16,16v){image number 2}, jaundice (ff8,9,10,10v,23v, 34){image number 11}, ague (ff9-9v, 16 17v, 47){image number 13}, battle wounds (f36v){image number 40}, Lib:1. Of Waters (ff1v-19v){image number 3}, Lib: 2. Treates of Salves and Ointmentes (ff20-45v){image number 23}, A water against the Plague (f1v){image number 3}, A water for a sore or bruise (f1v){image number 3}, Doctor Burgesse, his Receipt against the Plague (f2){image number 3}, A good water against any disease, especially the Plague, called the compotion Water (f2){image number 3}, Doctor Stevens water (f2v){image number 4}, To make Rosemary water (f2v){image number 4}, Fever, An excellent Barly water, for a burning Feaver (f3){image number 4}, A Restorative water (f3){image number 4}, To make a Cullice (f3){image number 4}, Another Restorative Water (f3v){image number 5}, To make Metheglynne (f3v){image number 5}, To make Cinnamon Water (f3v){image number 5}, A water to revive the Spirits (f4){image number 5}, A drinke for an old Cold (f4){image number 5}, Doctor Tristram's Water (f4){image number 5}, A drinke for the Plague (f4v){image number 6}, A drinke for the Rickets (f4v){image number 6}, To make Hippocras (f4v){image number 6}, Stomach, A restorative water for a good Stomacke (f5){image number 6}, A water for the Palsey (f5){image number 6}, To make Agua Caelcstis (f5v){image number 8}, To make Water of Life (f5v){image number 8}, Travel sickness, A specially good water for a fainte woman, and chiefly for a woman faint in travel (f6){image number 8}, The imperiall Water (f6){image number 8}, A drinke for a Rupture (x2) (f6){image number 8}, For him that Spitteth blood (ff6,6v){image number 8}, For the Cough (f6){image number 8}, For him that cannot spit (f6v){image number 9}, For a woman (f6v){image number 9}, An approved water for the Stone (f6v){image number 9}, A drinke to prevent the Plague (f6v){image number 9}, Doctor Lapworth, his Receipt for the Stone, Strangullion (f7){image number 9}, For the Stone (f7){image number 9}, For one that hath a stopping of the water (f7){image number 9}, A drinke for the Stone (ff7,7v){image number 9}, To distill a Capon water for a Consumption (f7v){image number 10}, A Receipt to make Cocke water for a Consumption (f7v){image number 10}, A drinke to dissolve congealed blood (f8){image number 10}, A Medicine for the Jaundices (f8){image number 10}, A Cullice (f8){image number 10}, A drinke for the Stone (f8v){image number 12}, For one subject to the Dropsie (f8v){image number 12}, A singular good Medicine of my Mother's for the greene Sickness (f8v){image number 12}, A medicine for the Stone by the Lady Grace Cavendish (f8v){image number 12}, Jaundice, A drinke for the blacke Jaundyes (f9){image number 12}, A drinke for an Ague (f9){image number 12}, For pissing of blood (f9){image number 12}, A comfortable drinke for any that is sicke and in an inward heat and burning (f9){image number 12}, A Medicine to make one Sweate, (f9){image number 12}, A gentle and easy purgation to purge Phlegm and Choler (f9v){image number 13}, A medicine for the green sickness (f9v){image number 13}, A medicine for the Ague (f9v){image number 13}, A medicine for the Collicke (f9v){image number 13}, For one who hath lost his speech through sickness (f10){image number 13}, Jaundice, For the Jaundyes and so open the Spleen and Liver (f10){image number 13}, A medicine by Doctor Hill good to purge blood and to preserve from Dropsy (f10){image number 13}, Mr Hills Drink for a young childe that hath the Plurisye (f10){image number 13}, A water for sore eyes (f10v){image number 14}, Dog bite, F. Grevells medicine for the biteing of a madd Dogge (f10v){image number 14}, Jaundice, An excellent water of my Lady Godmothers for the Jaundyes (f10v){image number 14}, A water for a man that hath lost his sight, to restore it againe in forty days (f10v){image number 14}, A drinke to expel winde (f11){image number 14}, A drinke to procure Urine with much ease and facility (f11){image number 14}, The Vinegar Water (f11){image number 14}, To make a Cullice broath (f11){image number 14}, A drinke for the pallet of the mouth that is false (ff11,11v){image number 14}, For the winde in the Stomacke (f11v){image number 15}, To take spots of greace and oyle out of all sorts of Cloaths, white or other (f12){image number 15}, A water of marvellous and excellent virtue to bring againe the sight of the eyes to him that hath lost it or is diminished by sickness (f12){image number 15}, Recipes of my Aunt Jane Firdeswicks (f12v){image number 16}{image number 16}, A good dyett drinke for dropsy of swelling (f12v){image number 16}, A water for paine in the head (f12v){image number 16}, A very good drink to expel winde (f13){image number 16}, A drink to purge Choler (f13){image number 16}, A medicine for them that have a weakness in their backes or a consuming nature (f13){image number 16}, An approved Medicine for the Collicke, Stone or Strangury (ff13,13v){image number 16}, A Medicine for those that have lost the use Limbes with the gout of other diseases (f13v){image number 17}, An excellent medicine for any Person newly taken with the Palsey (f13v){image number 17}, Phlegm, For Flegme (f13v){image number 17} To cause one to make water (ff13v-14){image number 17}, For obstructions in women (f14){image number 17}, For one that is wasting and to preserve strength (f14){image number 17}, A drinke for them that cannot digest meate (ff14,14v){image number 17}, A Receipt for the Ricketts (f14v){image number 18}, Frenzy, A Medicine for those that be in a ffrency (f14v){image number 18}, A Medicine for a waste (f14v){image number 18}, For a stroake in the eye (f14v){image number 18}, To beate a wilde-fire (f14v){image number 18}, A good Medicine for the greene Sickness, or for them that looke pale (f15){image number 18}, A good water for sore eyes; made by Decsimaus (f15){image number 18}{image number 18}, To make Metheglin, and the quantity of hearbes for a Hogshead (f15){image number 18}, A diett drink for children that have the Ricketts (ff15, 15v){image number 18}, For a weakness in the backe (f15v){image number 19}, A speciall powder to be drunk in wine to help digestion (f15v){image number 19}, A drinke (f15v){image number 19}, Dog bite, A drinke for the biting of a mad Dogge (f15v){image number 19}, A drinke for an Ague (f16){image number 19}, For the stone (f16){image number 19}, A good drinke against the Plague (f16){image number 19}, An excellent and easy Purgation; proved by the Lady Grace Cavendish, (ff16-16v){image number 19}, To restore the voice and take away a cold (f16v){image number 20}, For the lightness in the head (16v){image number 20}, Dog bite, For the biting of a madd dogge (f16v){image number 20}, A preservation of water against the Plague or pestilence (f16v){image number 20}, A true Receipt of Mr. Butlers powder to be drunk in wine for the Stone well approved by many (f17){image number 20}, A sleeping drinke (f17){image number 20}, A most excellent potion called the Jollop; for waterish humours either in the joints of in the body (f17){image number 20}, For the greene sickness. Dr. Lapworth (f17){image number 20}, To stay a Laske (f17v){image number 21}, A Medicine for a laske which may be taken if a woman be with childe (f17v){image number 21}, Against the Ague by Francis Harrison (f17v){image number 21}{image number 21}, For an Ague (f17v){image number 21}, For a Quarterne Ague; by Mr. William Hastings (ff17v,18){image number 21}{image number 21}, A Medicine for those that have a stopping in their water (f18){image number 21}, For the green Sickness (f18){image number 21}, A receipt for the Ague; by Mrs Anne Digby (f18){image number 21}{image number 21}, Receipts by Doctor Tristram (f18){image number 21}, Julippes for thirste. Dr.Tristram (f18){image number 21}, For a Flux, Dr. Tristram (f18){image number 21}, To stopp an inward bleeding. Dr. Tristram (f18){image number 21}, For the Stone Dr. Tristram (f18v){image number 22}, A water to dry and conglutinate an ulcer Dr. Tristram (f18v){image number 22}, A preparative for Phisicke. Dr. Tristram (f18v){image number 22}, A drink to expel winde (f18v){image number 22}, A gentle purge for waterish humours (f19){image number 22}, A powder to be drunk in wine (f19){image number 22}, A Medicine for Dropsy (f19){image number 22}, A medicine for the Mother (f19){image number 22}, For the spitting of blood (f19){image number 22}, A Drinke for Swolne or red eyes (ff19,19v){image number 22}, For the falling Sickness (f19v){image number 23}, A water to drinke in Summer (f19v){image number 23}, To strengthen the backe (f19v){image number 23}, For pains in the belly or any griefs in the back or wombe (f19v){image number 23}, The Angells Salve; Miss Poole's receipt (f20){image number 23}, The green Ointment that is good for aches (ff20, 20v){image number 23}, For a bruised eye (f20v){image number 24}, Rheumatism, For the Rheume (f20v){image number 24}, An excellent Balsame (f20v){image number 24}, For a Wenne (f21){image number 24}, A Salve for old Sores festered (f21){image number 24}, A Medicine for all manner of aches and sores (f21){image number 24}, For a poisoning of a Toade or for blasting (f21v){image number 25}, A notable Medicine for the toothache; never try'd by any but it helped them (f21v){image number 25}, Ringworm, For a Ringworme (f21v){image number 25}, For a pricke or thorne (f21v){image number 25}, For swelling in the Legges coming by Sickness (f21v){image number 25}, A Medicine to draw out a thorne (f22){image number 25}, To make a plaster to dry up a wound that has been long sore (f22){image number 25}, To make a Salve to bring wounds that fester and ache into their own kinde and to cleare the burning and aching (f22){image number 25}, A good medicine to take the fire out of a burne
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