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Title Woman's Beauty and Health, Volume 1, No. 2, edited by Macfadden
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1902
Document Type Periodical
Library/Archive Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Reference per 17502 d.4
Names Mrs Leslie Carter (p54){image number 15}; Lillian Russell (pp53-54){image number 14}; Mrs Southern (p54){image number 15}; Viola Allen (p54){image number 15}; Maxine Elliot (p54){image number 15}
Topics periodical, magazine, advice for women, femininity, appearance, health, medical advice, the body, illustrations, photographs, contents (p33){image number 2}, A Beautiful Bust (pp34-36){image number 3}, A Village Scandal, fiction (pp37-39){image number 4}, Training a Baby Girl (pp40-41){image number 6}, Simple Exercises for Women (pp42-46){image number 7}, exercise (pp42-46, 50-54, 59){image number 7}, tourism, advert for Clifton Grand Spa Hotel, Tintern Abbey (pp44-45){image number 8}, Health Talk, advice on how to be healthy (pp47-49){image number 11}, The Home Gymnasium (50-53), Girls' Freedom compared with Boys' (p54){image number 15}, inequality, feminism (p54){image number 15}, Woman's Sphere (p55){image number 15}, Common Sense Dress, clothes, fashion (p56){image number 16}, Symptoms of Health (p57){image number 16}, Question Department, medical queries, problem pages (p60){image number 18}, Editorial-That "Tired Feeling" (p62){image number 19}, adverts, advertisements (p63-65){image number 19}
Copyright Bodleian Library, University of Oxford