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Title Elizabeth Butler's Book. Medicinal and Culinary recipes.
Section Consumption and Leisure
Date 1679
Document Type Manuscript
Library/Archive British Library
Reference MS Sloane 3842
Author (Gender) female
Names Elizabeth Butler; Dr. Stevens (f25){image number 28}; Dr. Burgess (f25v){image number 29}; Dr. Ashworth (f30){image number 33}; Dr. Lister (f30){image number 33}; Queen Elizabeth I (f33){image number 36}; Gascon (f36){image number 39}; Madam Dalbin (f36){image number 39}; Lucatelle (f42v){image number 46}
Topics receipt book, health, medical receipts (ff23-26, 27-41v){image number 26} recipes (ff2-13v, 15v, 27){image number 4}, Receipts Consirning Cookery (pp1-24){image number 1}, Preservings (pp29-41){image number 18}, Cordiall Waters (pp45-71){image number 26}, Chyurgery (pp73-84){image number 40}, indexes (ff14v-15, 43v-44){image number 17}, The Plague (ff23, 25v, 30v, 33){image number 26}, stomach (ff23v, 30, 34v, 36){image number 27}, mental health (ff24, 30v, 38v), consumption (ff25v, 28, 34v){image number 29}, palsy (ff26, 38){image number 29}, wounds (ff27v, 32, 37v, 40-41v){image number 31}, scurvy (ff27v, 32v){image number 31}, cold, cough (ff28, 31v, 39v){image number 31}, jaundice (ff28v, 30v, 32){image number 32}, convulsions (f28v){image number 32}, women's health (ff28v, 31v, 32v, 38, 40){image number 32}, heart (f29){image number 32}, green sickness (chlorosis) (f29v){image number 33}, gout (ff29v, 38, 40){image number 33}, falling sickness, The Queen's Powder (f31){image number 34}, headache, migraine (ff31v, 32v){image number 35}, animals (ff31v, 39, 40v){image number 35}, children (f31v){image number 35}, antidote (f31v), sleeping remedies (f32){image number 35}, "the stone" (kidney stones) (ff32v, 33v, 36v){image number 36}, The true Copy of Queen Elizabeth's Medicine for the Plague (f33), bad breath (f33){image number 36}, ears (ff33v, 37){image number 37}, cramps (ff34, 38){image number 37}, eyes (ff34v, 38, 39v){image number 38}, dropsy (oedema) (f35{image number 38}), piles (ff35v,41){image number 39}, breasts (ff38,40){image number 41}, mumps (f38){image number 41}, warts (f39){image number 42}, freckles (f39){image number 42}, skin cream (f40v){image number 44}, clothes (f41v){image number 45}
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