Editorial Board

The following scholars and academics have provided feedback, advice and written content for Defining Gender, for which we are very grateful:

Professor David Turner

Department of History and Classics, Swansea University


Professor Vivien Jones

School of English, University of Leeds


Dr Ainslie Robinson

University of Notre Dame, Australia


Professor Toni Bowers

Department of English, University of Pennsylvania


Professor Christopher Kent

History Professor Emeritus, University of Saskatchewan


Professor Jane Long

Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University


Dr Lisa O'Connell

School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland


Dr Sara Mendelson

Arts and Science Programme, McMaster University


Dr Claire Walsh

The Open University


Professor Erika Rappaport

Department of Feminist Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara


Professor Jeremy Black

Department of History, University of Exeter


Professor Martyn Bennett

College of Arts and Science, School of Arts & Humanities, Nottingham Trent University


Professor Sarah Winter

Department of English, University of Connecticut at Storrs


Professor Elizabeth D. Harvey

Department of English, University of Toronto


Professor Jeanne Peterson

Professor Emeritus of History, Indiana University


Professor Rosemary Betterton

Professor Emeritus, Lancaster University


Dr Cathy McClive

Department of History, University of Durham